Sunday, July 24, 2011

New art Classes Thursday Evening, Friday daytime

Image: gabrielle Jones, "120kph Yass", Oil on Canvas, 122 x 182 cm

Students in the new space at Balmain

Students busy in the vibrant day classes, Balmain

I've started the Friday day classes at St John's Church, Balmain (corner Spring St and Birchgrove Roads). The parking is really easy, the space is large and light-filled, there are wall heaters, a new kitchen and toilets, lots of tables and chairs, and great students! The class has been going well, and the feedback from students is that it's a wonderful space. I can now easily accommodate some more students. Time is 10-2:30pm . Come join us! Cost is $75/class for 6 class bookings.
I've also mooted a Thursday night class, to accommodate some full time workers who want to join my classes, so let me know if that suits. Time is 6:30-9pm at the same venue, cost is $50/class for a term booking (6 classes $300). Classes commence on August 4th.
If you are interested, see and follow the workshops link for more information, or you can comment on this blog or email me through the contacts page on the website, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

What my students say:
Gabrielle is able to clearly understand the
preferences and strengths of every pupil. She
is therefore able to help them maximise their
potential through individual attention within her
friendly and supportive group classes. She gives
both practical instruction in colour appreciation,
composition, etc… and thoughtful ideas to
stimulate creativity. She also provides honest
and constructive feedback to her pupils. Above
all, Gabrielle exhibits a passion and enthusiasm
for her subject that is transmitted to everybody
around her.
Susan, Avalon
Thank you Gabrielle for all your fabulous
workshops, I look forward to learning more under
your generous guidance. Gabrielle’s workshops
are always full of both inspiration and knowledge
as well as constructive critique and direction for
your own work.
Galia, Ryde
I have been to a number of Gabrielle’s private art
classes and I hope to go to many more. I originally
came to learn about painting with acrylics but
I have learnt so much more. Gabrielle has an
immense amount of knowledge about art in
her head and can hardly wait to impart as much
of it as possible to you (in a good way!). I have
just learnt so much, ranging from landscape to
abstract to still life and everything in between.
I have also learnt about the importance of tone,
mixing from a limited palette, warm and cool
colours and how they can change depending on
their relationship to each other and that’s just for
starters! Gabrielle is also very generous with her
knowledge and always encouraging which is so
important to any artist.
Carolyn, Annandale


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