Friday, April 9, 2010

Peter Doig-Transcending emotions of Kitsch

Image: Peter Doig, White Canoe, Oil on Canvas
I just uploaded this well shot (thank Goodness) and extremely interesting interview with the contemporary landscape painter, Peter Doig at his exhibition in the Schirn Kusthalle (Title link). The artist talks about what to paint, why he paints ("it's the unknown; that's what makes it daunting, that's what makes it exciting") and some of the sources for his work. It includes informative close up shots of the artwork (no shakey cam -you can see all it's abstractions - like a modern day Impressionist painter); as well as posters he has designed for the Thursday night cinema - free to anyone who wants to attend- he holds in his warehouse studio in Trinidad. Wouldn't I want to go there!
For those of you unfamiliar with his work, here's a picture.


  1. The trinidad cinema bit got me too Gabrielle when I read about it a while back... conjures up a very exotic, funky image indeed!
    love what he's got going on in his work.

    Kept coming back and back to look at his work a few years ago when I needed to breathe new oxygen. My work is nothing like it...but I found nourishment in looking - there was a quality that i was hungry for.

    its late ...i will have to come back to watch the video - sounds great!

  2. yep! I reckon I'd die happy if I could paint even one tenth of a picture like that (and I mean in size as well as percentage of talent. Viewing them area by area you can find so much to see - the world in a grain of sand!



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