Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Artists Camp-Bega

Images: Gabrielle Jones: top Bithry's Inlet; Sunset from the camp; Euan Painting; Ann Painting; Euan, Ann and Idris talking about their work at Bega Regional Gallery

Just back from two days painting en plein air at Bithry's Inlet in the beautiful Bega Valley on the Far New South wales Coast. It was an artist's camp with Euan McLeod, Ann Thompson and Idris Murphy, organised by the Regional Gallery there.

I had a wonderful time- great to chin wag with like-minded people, see how differently everyone works and the varied resulting paintings from the one environment. One of the best things I learned was that we don't have to try to find "our thing" - if we let go of trying, maybe it will find us! Such varied paintings proved that we are all individuals and that will manifest in our work once we let the intuition have reign, listen to the voice within regarding the "what" to paint, ignore standard wisdoms ("realism" means "old fashioned" and no one will want what I paint, for example); stop trying to be someone else and work, work, work.
So...looking at these pics, are you jealous????


  1. Majorly jealous!

    What an absolute treat you have just had Gabrielle... love this part of the world... lived near there years ago!

    Like the company you kept...Ann Thonpson was a painting leccturer I had for a year when very young! Good energy I recall!
    Euan Mcloud's paintings I'm a big fan of... really -- what an excellent time... and I took note of your learning ob the subject of letting things find you.

    I have just completed work for my show... an intense period... hanging tomorrow. In the last few days I actually got the rhythm...better late than never i guess. Weeks ago I was labouring and almost falling asleep ove the work it was so worked!

    Just in this last few days I seemed to get over my blocks and did stuff that i ahd been wanting to do and feeling intimidated by...the paintings then came so easily and quickly too... and felt self-assured.
    Still there is much to be said for all the preparation and lead up. I was glad for the flow though because i was feeling ...Oh GOD...this is taking forever!
    Great to hear about the trip G!

  2. I'd love to see the work! The thought of painting to the last minute - ugh! I'll have nightmares. I have a show in Dec -but need an image for a booklet published in june- so am majorly pushing to find that "thing" that will draw the work together. Hence the lesson I learned (always the loudest lesson when you need to hear it). So now i have decided to follow through on all the things i have wanted to paint, and am consequently painting like 5 different people. I am trustng my instinct that there is something tying all this together -and hope the work means the "thing" will find me

  3. Hi Gabrielle,
    after a busy time a little browsing tonight is relaxing.
    Your catalogue deadline is quite an ask...I see what you mean about having arrived somewhere by that date that you can feel good about.
    However... the decision to follow through on all the whims will be a good thing for now... freeing ... and it will be may get to where you need to be because you do just that.

    I shall be keen to hear of your progress on this work when you have thoughts to share!!

  4. Thanks Sophie. Guess what - I came home to a request to supply images NOW for that show! Asked for extension, but will supply something that will evoke the viewing curiousity (even if not strictly speaking the work image!)

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