Friday, September 23, 2011

New work from the studio -Part 1

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Dapple (Lumen Series), Charcoal and Shellac on paper 70 x 100cm

I've decided to add new work as it is made and - hopefully - finished. I know a good editing process is all important for an artist, but I have been living with these for a few weeks now and they have survived the bin, the overdraw, and the touch up! I think they're cooked!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gallery discovery of the week

Ok - I have officially been living under a rock. It's no excuse that I lived in another major city in a rather large island for all of my life - I should have discovered this rather excellent Melbourne gallery before now.  So I'm sharing it here with my fellow rock dwellers and my overseas friends.
An exceptional (and well curated) collection of artists from Australia that should have wider renown.

Image: William McKinnon (details unknown - see website)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Try Try Again! How do judges decide?

Didn't make it into the Paddington Art Prize. :((
But as these things often happen, I received a newsletter (Blackheath Art Society Aug-Oct 2011) in the mail in which Anthony Bond, Director of Curatorial Services at the Art Gallery of NEw South Wales, was interviewed by Christine Townend regarding his choices in Art Prizes (among other things). He states that for him, "it is important to consider the context". In other words, if judging in an area where the "prevailing themes are landscape or configuration, you need to take that into account (and) encourage the best possible practice in that area, rather than automatically giving the prize to the most adventurous.....What interests me is the degree of honesty and observation that an artist brings to the work."
He later goes on to say that " in every case, I'm looking for an honesty, a directness and keenness of observation. Often the works that seek to be more contemporary end up being over technical or just plain flashy: they simply don't ring true".
Well, I don't consider mine flashy or technical, but then again, Tony Bond wasn't the judge. Perhaps he ought to have been!
Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Tree Movement (Blackheath)" 122 x 122cm Oil on Canvas. Perhaps  should have entered this one?

So...what do you think makes a worthy prize winner? What considerations would you take into account if you were the judge? How do you pick up and go on after "Art  Prize Failure"?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hopeful New painting

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Rustle (Blackheath)" Oil on Canvas, 122 x 152cm

Here's the new painting I hope will beat the hex I seem to have upon me when it comes to Art prizes. I have entered it into the $20k Paddington Art Prize. Fingers triple crossed!

Monday, September 5, 2011

One Perfect day

 Rock Formations -the steep sides of the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, Sydney

 The "Pulpit" as seen from above

Pulpit Rock extends into the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park, above one of the three main valleys, the Grose Valley

 Descending the stairs that overhang the pulpit - a sense of scale

 The walk took the track along the horseshoe escarpment of the Grose Valley for about 90 minutes,, with continuous views and lookouts from this high standpoint 

Cloud Shadow over the Valley

 The Braeside walk is beside a meandering brook - lasting another 90 minutes after the Govett's Leap lookout.

Streetscape and sunshine, Blackheath

The view from our side yard, across to the house

Awaiting the bursting blooms of our dogwood tree, as seen from the bedroom window. So nice to wake up to!

Spring announced itself with a magic day,  in my new home in the World heritage listed Blue Mountains, 1.5 hours north west of Sydney. The weather was sunny and crisp, perfect for a long bush walk, so we took up the invitation and walked from Pulpit Rock to Govett's Leap, and on through the Braeside walk back to our home  - 3 hours of one of the most beautiful bush walks I've ever been on. Although commuting to teach is wearing me down, it's times like this that I am so glad I made the change to live amongst the birds and trees that adorn the artists enclave up here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I was Interviewed by Method Press Magazine

Image: "Gabrielle Jones, Creative Space", Galia Alena, Method Press,  Issue 2

I just saw the digital version of Method Press Magazine Issue 2 ("Creative Space/Gabrielle Jones" page 25). There's a few double-page spreads of an interview with me and photos taken in my studio whilst painting. See it at: One page doesn't load, but you get the idea. Pretty happy!


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