Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paintings from my Goulburn Show

Gabrielle Jones, "Time trees and the Night Sky"2010 Oil on canvas 122 x 152cm

Gabrielle Jones, "Driving Force" 2010 oil on Canvas, 122 x 182cm

Gabrielle Jones, "Changing Light, Changing Shape" 2010 oil on Canvas, 152 x 122cm

Gabrielle Jones, "One thing Leads to another" 2010 oil on Canvas, 122 x 182cm

Gabrielle Jones, "All the Possibilities" 2010 oil on Canvas, 152 x 122cm

It's been a pretty good week.
I have a Sydney 2009 painting put on hold by Westfield for their "Quintessential Concierge" VIP room in the newly renovated Sydney Tower, Pitt Street complex.
My students in the Master Class at Goulburn loved the workshop and want me to hold workshops at Bowral and Canberra.
I sold "Uncertain truth," a Goulburn painting to a friend.
An Art consultant I have been chasing decided to come to my studio, loved the work, and wants images so she can be an advocate in her practice. She loved my charcoal drawings as well!
I am off to the studio today to show another new client (with connections!) a large abstract painting for her harbourside house. If bought, the painting will go into a collection that includes John Beard's work.
And I'm off on Holidays tomorrow...
So here's the pics from Goulburn, in case you didn't manage to cross over to my website to have a sticky beak.
Sorry - the pics are a bit dark. I used the wrong files. If you're curious and want to see the work in a better light. here's the link

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