Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting my Mojo Back

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Slide, 2011 Charcoal, 70 x 100cm

Ok - so I'm proud of this one. Hope you like it too. It took me about three days to complete - the process is getting quicker. I have re- discovered a beautiful pencil which is the combination of charcoal and graphite and which works well as the positional drawing. I am feeling more comfortable with the medium and subjects - less like torture!- and remembering the sensuality of charcoal. I lost my touch - after a particularly harrowing year at art school which turned me off drawing for years to come - a little like aversion therapy was practiced by my then teacher, and many of us got the shakes just thinking of drawing in subsequent years (let alone the teacher!)
So...I'm gettin' my mojo back.... It's the last in the series (I think) as I am itching to get back into painting (alleluia! It's taken its time). The paintings will be based on these drawings and the work I have been toying with for about a year now (related to my Goulburn show). Wish me luck!

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