Thursday, September 1, 2011

I was Interviewed by Method Press Magazine

Image: "Gabrielle Jones, Creative Space", Galia Alena, Method Press,  Issue 2

I just saw the digital version of Method Press Magazine Issue 2 ("Creative Space/Gabrielle Jones" page 25). There's a few double-page spreads of an interview with me and photos taken in my studio whilst painting. See it at: One page doesn't load, but you get the idea. Pretty happy!


  1. Gabrielle,
    I just took a look (and read) of the magazine spread. Looks really good. Just drag the entire link into the google search and the magazine comes up. Somehow in the link the 'h' of 'http' didn't catch on. Love your work and thanks for the effort of making this blog always current.

  2. Thanks pb It's a pretty groovy magazine, isn't it? The photographer, Galia Alena, has done a great job. I usually look like someone you wouldn't want to know in the studio, but she made me look interesting and professional - thank goodness!



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