Friday, October 7, 2011

Vale Steve Jobs - a parallel to art

I don't want to get on the band wagon regarding the death of this visionary man whose inventions literally changed my life (along with squillions of others. -I have been a Mac user since the early to mid 80's when they first came to Australia, as a member of the design industry). But I came across this quote in an article by Bianca Bosker in the Huffington Post, interviewing Jay Elliot who was a friend and worked with the young Steve Jobs.
"Steve challenged every part of me. I loved being challenged and I loved being exposed to that level of quality and accomplishment. It was a gift to be working with someone who had those smarts and vision. I was excited to go to work every day. Steve forces you to figure out who you are and who you are going to be."
I always wanted to work with a boss like him. I guess, in the end, that's why I chose "Art" (substitute for "Steve")

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