Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back on line

Thanks to all those people who let me know (privately) that they were missing the blog - I'm so glad you noticed! Nothing sinister, although I have been re-grouping after the solo show and assessing my next moves. I had a hunch that I needed to just take the proverbial step back, and practice "acceptance", to create the void and see what flows in to fill it. A bit "New Agey", I know, but worth a try.
I've also been closing some post exhibition sales (Yay!) and investigating leads to galleries not painting nor blogging, but still involved in the artworld.
Mostly, I didn't write because I've been on a lovely holiday -although not long enough- and plowed back into the teaching today. I really enjoy it, but I am buggered after it!
So...I'll be posting info about some classes I am dreaming up, soon. Found that my exhibition was good for drumming up prospective students, as a number of visitors asked about classes, workshops and the like. Gotta make some hay while the sun shines (and the money's short!)
Image: Gabrielle Jones, "River (Night Tree)" 2009, 100 x 75cm Oil on canvas (apologies if I've used this one before!)


  1. This all sounds very good Gabrielle!
    Its challenging experience to put one's work out there at the best of times, and more so if you are the interface with the oublic, bearing costs and doing it solo...
    The curious thing about showing work is that buyers dont always strike at the time... one might feel disappointed.... only to have certain interested parties call you down the track ready to purchase with all the enthusiasm in the world when you least expect it!
    One plants seeds, as you did recently in showing the work, and later, when you are not looking, something will sprout up from some unexpected corner...there'll be the harvest you had not assumed would occur!
    Having a break is a smart thing and then finding things flowing in again. So like nature all these cycles!

    Have made a plan to get to Sydney before too long and meet (in person for the first time) Undercover Painter for a gallery hop and coffee...Inga and I thought you might join us for a meeting of painter/bloggers!

    have a great week Gabrielle!


  2. Thanks Sophie - wise words! Slowly getting the enthusiasm back - I'm not great at taking breaks but I think this one might last a while, because I think I am on the scent of something for my next body of work and don't want to rush it. Would love to meet up with you both - and show you the town?? (am teaching Fridays and Saturdays through Jan, and also Tuesdays inFeb, so another day?

  3. Sounds great Gabrielle.
    My planned trip south is put back due to a home away from home (sibling's nest) being renovated - so trip is still on the agenda...not sure when... I just gigned on for a 12 day getaway 2nd half of next thats why I'm now not sure.
    As for your painting - loads of thinking time is sometimes incredibly useful - having one's work just wait awhile and simmer away. Shall look forward to seeing what evolves.
    Enjoy the slow lane,



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