Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas to all

Just got the best present ever- and it's a day early! A friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer last week, in for a mastectomy last Tuesday, and has just texted to say that she has the "all clear" - no more treatment needed! So happy.
I had a creative day, enjoying the fresh breeze blowing in to cool our "morning sun-warmed" house... made a pistachio and raspberry semi freddo; some star-shaped biscuits dipped in chocolate; the short crust base for a strawberry and custard tart for Christmas lunch desert (to accompany the semi freddo); a fruit compote...yes, there IS a pattern here. I actually do cook things other than desert and sweets...but I let my hair down at Christmas, forget about the waistline and enjoy the nurturing part of me that doesn't get a run during the year when the creative streak is fully occupied by the to and fro, struggle and progress of painting. So sue me (but wait until I'm famous!)
The creative bug extended to engineering some Christmas angels on my tree, after my daughter complained it looked too subdued to be a real Christmas tree. I settled on the non Christmassy colours of orange, black and gold... because that's what tissue paper I had. Actually, brought back memories of when my kids were small and we had "making days"... and that I actually used to make Christmas decorations with them using Fimo, dough and food colouring. Do people still do that??? Time flies...
Hope you and yours make the memories you will reflect on in years to come,
Thanks for sticking with me in 2009 and look forward to blogging with you next year -
Peace, Love, and much laughter...
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Image taken on my phone - where IS my camera???


  1. Oh I'd like to join you at lunch with all those treats you've been preparing Gabrielle.
    Good news for your friend... makes for a much lighter heart!

    Well yes... there are lots of xmas preparations I used to make time for but no longer do - sounds like it will be most pleasant at your house over xmas Gabrielle - enjoy!
    and all the best for 2010 - i hope you have a great series of workshops!

  2. Thanks Sophie! Hope you had a beauty, too! And enjoy the new year (we will be sharing it with friends of ours over from WA - we'll think of you there, thinking of us here!



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