Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten (well nine, actually) reasons to buy art in Anti Consumerism times

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Verge, 2008 Oil on Canvas 122x152cm

Some thoughts to get you past some objections your clients might have to buying your art - or just to motivate you to get out there!

1. During difficult economic times, art is more important than ever to bolster the human spirit. It makes you feel good in otherwise awful times, and repays you many times over. It fills an emotional gap and balances the stress and technology in our lives.
2. The support of art buyers, both financial and in the form of creative encouragement, has long lasting effects for our society by encouraging the creative spirit at its most vulnerable.
3. As an alternative to buying "stuff" which is obsolete quickly (think the latest computer games or phones) art has a long shelf life - at best, it can be a treasure for generations to come -and is thus, anti consumerist.
4. Buying art from local artists supports the livelihood of some of the lowest paid, but necessary workers in our society. Artists have a real face - you can see where your money goes and even meet the recipient.
5. If the times require thoughtful purchases, then art's your man (so to speak) - you are connected with the production, it's relevant to society beyond just brightening up a wall, and is not the victim of fashion (at it's best).
6. When the world around you is in a mess, people invest more deeply in their families. The home is the centre of that, and who wants a nest without art on the walls? Nurture the family with good art.
7. People who are employed are finding many things cheaper - travel, real estate, clothes etc. Those better off are willing to share their wealth with individuals they admire or choose to help, in those people and things they have had a personal interaction with. Spending their money more thoughtfully means they have a deeper commitment to others.
8. Australia is the "Lucky Country" - and never more so than now, with our relatively easy escape from the worst of the GFC. As a nation, we don't like "going without", or taking things too seriously, for long. Be there with great work when the tide changes, as it surely will. Use the time to create just for yourself and you may end up truly finding your life's work and its reason, and the quality will show and be rewarded
9. If you really want to live -spend the rest of your life -with a work of art, then you will buy it. Many people are haunted by the work they walked away from because they couldn't afford it right there and then, or hesitated to buy it for whatever reason. Make sure your clients don't have need to be haunted, by making sure the quality of your work produces a life long experience for your client.
10. Any other thoughts???? Post your comments here

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