Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Earth - and taking stock

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Primitive 2005 ; Oil on Ply, 120 x 90cm's all over. About to pack away the Christmas Tree decorations, clean up after the New Year's Celebration, tidy the guest room after departure, do the accounting I have left nearly all year until now...But first, I decided to do a little stock taking - and not the kind that means 40% off this week only!
I spent some time last night, counting my blessings - thinking about what I love about being an artist (and all the details); what is good in my life; what is good about me; and working out what I want to HAPPEN this year and what I want to DO this year. I refused to think of what I DIDN'T want to happen, or HOW my dreams were going to happen, just the WHAT. So I spent a happy hour contemplating how good everything was JUST as it IS, as well as the Dreams of what else could be. I recommend it!
Anyway,here's a few of the things I came up with, regarding being an artist:
Flexibility of hours and days work;
Creativity -it feeds my soul;
Engagement (and feeling energised by my work);
Kudos-being individual/unusual, taking the hard road and making it work;
It's different and and people find that interesting - the "path less travelled";
The people/artists I meet in the course of my work-interesting, soulful, positive people who are inspiring;
Having an effect on other people - if they enjoy my work, it can enrich their lives;
Inspiring others (especially to take a risk some time) and opening other worlds to them in teaching;
Exploring "otherness" or spirituality-the magic, the surprise, the "wow" factor.
Have you got any more things about being an artist that make you happy? Why are you an artist? Share your thoughts here


  1. Nice to see you back, G. I think you covered it all very's so good to be positive and all too often I get a bit bogged down in the opposites so thanks for posting that refreshing list - always wise words from you. I hope you carve it up this year, friend! Oh, and, I love the painting you posted. Beautiful tonal work with a kick arse abstract form. Yummy!

  2. Well...hello to you, too and likewise with the carving!
    Do you really like the painting? It was done over four years ago, and lately I find myself returning to the theme. This one is remarkably like a new painting, using found ram's skeleton, tho the pictured one was taken from a ceremonial knife I drew in Aust Museum. The circle gets smaller on that roundabout...Maybe I'll find that "thing" -the subject for the rest of my life -and be off with that knife figuratively carving up, after all. In the meantime, I'll try to make sure I show up at the studio one day at a time



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