Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Studio New work

Have moved into my new studio last week. What a major task that is! Waiting for paintings to dry so I could move them meant I couldn't paint for at least a week, packing up and sorting the accretion of junk and visual stimulus I impulsively collect...but it's all been worth it.

It's amazing what being able to hear the cicadas in the evening will do for the soul, and walking past the gardenias and lemon verbena in the morning just sets the day up nicely.

I have been having fun and the work has kicked in in earnest...I have managed to complete (I think) two paintings (left) that have hung on my previous studio wall for months. Mind you, they are quite a departure from my usual work, but it's liberating to play and experiment, and I am quite happy with the, especially the simpler one.

The trouble is, I used acrylic in stead of enamel paint over oil paint in the brown painting, because I didn't read the label and put them with the wrong set...think anyone will notice? Know if I can get away with it??? I need to stretch these canvases, as I stapled them to the wall when the money wasn't flowing.... Might cause them to crack. Oh well, the beauty of painting is in the process, isn't it??


  1. I'd be v. happy with these paintings Gabrielle...
    fantastic use of colour and composition works for me!
    They look very alive...good going I say...enjoy your new studio!


  2. Thanks Sophie! I have already changed the brown seems I can never leave well enough alone!



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