Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spanish Residency

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Play of Light III, Oil on Canvas, 101cm x 101cm

I have just received a letter advising me I have been selected for a one month residency in Mojacar Spain at Valparaiso Foundation. I have yet to finalise when I am going, but since I cancelled a trip to Barcelona last year (due to inadequate funds) I am wrapped! I will probably go to London first and see all those galleries and Museums I have only read about, then see some more of Spain before getting down to working in this lovely environment. The interchange with other International artists is something I am also really looking forward to.
OH...the life of a painter!
How are your affirmations going???


  1. Oh wow!, WOW! That's so great. Congratulations. Good on you. x

  2. p.s affirmations are working fine ;) and obviously for you too.

  3. Thats so exciting Gabrielle.
    ps love the painting...

  4. CONGRATS Gabrielle! If you decide to go for the residency, I hope you will find time to blog from Spain to keep us all informed of how absolutely wonderful it is in person, from an artists perspective.

    The contrast of color among the wavering lines in "Play of Light III" is stunning!

  5. Congratulations Gabrielle: Seems like 2010 is a good beginning of a wonderful decennium for you!! Great paiting: goes well with what I remember Spanish colours are like!! Well chosen. Ingrid

  6. Thanks to all of you. Sorry I have taken so long to reply- been a very busy time, here. I am overwhelmed with your well wishing etc and promise to keep you posted from Spain if I can ( I hear it's difficult to find Internet connections nearby, and I'm not sure I can afford to take the Aussie one with me! If not, I will diarise when there and then post). I am planning the residency for May 2011-fingers crossed I get it (then my partner can join me beforehand)



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