Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Routine - an Oxymoron???

I have been referred to this site and I thought it actually, really, said "something worth reading", on the need to think "inside the box" -the studio! the ipod! the routine!- not in the "HR-speak" way that seems to be popular around the corporate traps (but which most artists may not have heard of, being in the studio box all day!)

Here's the link:

Essentially, I have found the following to be true for me, so I guess it's something for the dear reader/artist to consider
"Real creativity involves spontaneity and surprise, whether a simple “Aha!” moment or the lightning bolt of inspiration. Paradoxically, the harder you work at routines and systems, the more likely you are to experience that bolt from the blue."
There are other gems in the whole site (not just the article I referred to) like the interviews with creative artist on what works for them at:
So visit it, even if just to give yourself a pat on the back to say "I told you so!"!

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