Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Sapphire relief" 2010; Oil on Canvas; 122 x 152cm

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Dry Bounty" 2010; Oil on Canvas; 122 x 152cm

For those of you who have followed my recent angst (and who care!) I have finally submitted - by default- an image to the Goulburn Regional Gallery - well, two actually.
It's default because circumstances prevailed that I didn't make it into the studio today to make the impossible, possible, so I just sent the best of what I had (as promised). And the two I sent are above. It is the same one that three of my trusted artist-friends and one partner said was the best - so I guess I just have to listen to that.
Guess which one they chose???


  1. But I reckon you personally prefer the second one

  2. Actually, you cheated (since you were one of the trusted art friends) - which gives the game up for those still guessing! I prefer Blue Sapphire, as well, but didn't think it translated to a good, reproducible image. Also, I have to paint others in the same vein!



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