Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kevin Connor at Liverpool St

Image:Kevin Connor, "George St in the Time of the Empire" 2010, Oil on Canvas, 104 x 122cm

More great landscape shows in Sydney this week

Kevin Connor opened at Liverpool St Gallery last Thursday with an exhibition of Urban landscapes in glistening lines of expressionist paint and marks, designed to make even the most left - brained punter want to paint. The joy in the medium is evident, as is the understanding of the structure of the Sydney streets which are the subject, but which serve only to hold the paint and to give this tireless worker the scantest of reasons to pick up the brush. Previous exhibitions have revealed Kevin as a master drawer in paint, but not a colourist. However, this one sees him revel in a mastery of colour as well as line and is one of his best to date. He was looking extremely healthy at the opening -as hale as his portrayal in Anne Cape's, People's Choice winning entry for the Salon de Refusee Archibald selections at the SH Ervin Gallery. Which is great, because we can look seeming ly look forward to more excellent shows from the elder statesman of painting who is Kevin Connor.


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