Friday, July 9, 2010

Some great shows on in Sydney

Images: Euan McLeod "Oarless" and "Snow Storm" both 2010 and Oil on Canvas

Finally! My lament about the state of Landscape painting exhibitions in Sydney is no more! On show this week are a number of excellent exhibitions which have returned my faith in the state of art in Sydney

At Watters Gallery, Euan McLeod follows in the footsteps of the great Sydney Nolan in an extensive and also excellent exhibition of works, "Glacial" made in the Antarctic. Large emerald rocks drip with ice, snow and heavy, cold clouds; an abominable snow man/artist stares at his bare canvas in a snowy landscape with mittened, dumb hands ; hikers are chained together to summit a towering Iceberg; whilst a lonely, nude and tired ghost pulls his "not-quite there" rowboat ashore an impossible glacial edge only to be confronted by a huge mountain of white. Vintage McLeod which was an almost sold out exhibition although it only opened last Wednesday night.

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