Monday, May 2, 2011

Arty Pics from the Alcazabar, Malaga

A headless statue for worship sits inside a niche by the pathway around the fortress.

A mixture of styles and tile work are evident in the fortress

A reconstruction of the kilns found beneath the fort for firing essential daily items as well as tiles

Contemplation pools as seen through the doorway identical to that at the end of the pool, pictured.

patterns include the flowers planted in the garden, as well as the mostly geometric patterns of Islamic culture

Stunning Mosaics and consideration of viewing/access points. This is actually two decorated doorways.
Thick wood and iron doors to protect the privacy of the palace occupants

beautiful paint work and colour sense inside the porticos. Tiles and more tiles

Alcazabar (R) is beside the Teatro Romano (L)

The ever present spire of the "Catedral" (view from the fortress)

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  1. Hi Gabrielle
    Thanks for the comprehensive updates. Love the photos and accompanying description. I appreciate your effort to keep us up to date!



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