Friday, May 27, 2011

Images from Seville

The Alcazabar from the extensive gardens that surround it.

Inside the main courtyard of the Alcazabar

Layers upon layers of finely carved decoration that manages still to have a restrained air

The Torreador stands close to the bull as it charges. A feat of skill and courage that needs to be seen to be believed - but only if you have the stomach for it)

The bull fight has enormous pageantry and tradition, and its colour and
drama can be seductive.

The wonderful old ceramics manufacturing building that now houses the city's contemporary art collection

The procession for Pentecost Sunday which winds through the narrow laneways, is accompanied by a full brass band playing appropriately dirge like music and can be heard for blocks away.

Youths spend time practicing to manoeuvre the heavy framework that underlies the highly decorated Eucharistic procession. We wondered what they were doing, and put it down to an Islamic thing, since their heads were covered in shawls that looked like Berber headwear - until we saw the above procession, that is.

Strollers on the bridge at Sunset in Seville

The Plaza Espana - a decorative, non functional folly containing ceramics at their most mixed and gaudy, still delights. Here the boats to hire to row a circuit of the "moat" around the construcion.
A large architectural structure found in the middle of nowhere, with no reference in the guidebooks, which covered the student protest now growing in Seville as well as Madrid. we think it was near one of the Universities.

Seville as seem from the bell tower of the Cathedral

The main, highly decorated altar of the Cathedral. A more constrained version of Spanish baroque

The facade of the cathedral

Hearing the “Clip clop” of horses hooves as they trot the cobbled pathways across the whole of the historical centre - the "Sound of Seville" for me.

Endless Nights of eating and drinking – how do the locals do it? (And could someone PLEASE put that young , screaming child to bed at once!)

The most beautiful Alcazar I have ever seen. Complete, well preserved with stunning gardens creating an oasis in the middle of the city and a place for a romantic stroll, complete with peacocks..

Warm nights walking through the park, home to our Hostal.

River cruise at sunset – water is silver, silence prevails, and the air is fresh.

Walking the Triana district and eating fish by the river

Political contemporary art was far too didactic for my tastes (is it visual art or political commentary??), but timely for Spaniards, considering the student occupation of the main squares across the country.

Trying to find eggs for breakfast –we did on the last day!

Why are there no real tomatoes left in Spain??? (“Tomate” just doesn’t cut it!)

I agree with Ernest Hemmingway that Bull fights are “a wonderful Nightmare”. The colour, the drama and the courage. The way the animal and the human dance together and eye each other off. I know animal rights people have every right to complain, and I was very conflicted about the bulls being killed, whilst respecting the tradition that started this, but there is some magic there, as well.

Barrio Santa Cruz and the Jewish quarter are wonderful places to get lost in.

The best food really can be in the tourist areas. We had the two best Tapas meals outside our hotel!


  1. Wow! Gabrielle, what an amazing journey. I look forward to reading more in detail soon. Look forward to seeing how this inspiration develops in your art.

  2. Thanks Nicola....I am late handing in my homework! Not sure If I have the energy to complete the blog about the trip, but will definitely keep you posted re my painting!



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