Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joanna Logue -King St Gallery

Image: Joanna Logue, Essington Field III, 2010; Oil on Linen 122cm x 183cm

I must own up to the fact that Joanna is one of my "Besties", but even so, this is a cracker of a landscape show. Her soulful work is quite well known on the art scene, having won a number of art prizes including the Country Energy and People's Choice Paddington Art prizes.

This show takes it one step further (or should I say, away) as many of the works are of landscapes viewed through the frosty windows which are part of living in the Oberon High Country, rather than directly immersed in the environment. And she has moved more towards abstraction - which obviously appeals to me - in her execution of rough, intuitive brush strokes which give, for a second time, on closer inspection (the first being the overall, dream like quality of her work viewed from afar).
Take a look - it's on till 26th June.

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