Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Art Classes

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "the One" 2010, 122 x 152cm, Oil on canvas

I am adding an extra day for my Art classes - now on Thursdays and Fridays. You can find the dates and information here and some testimonials from past students here.

I really enjoy the classes - it makes me articulate what I believe about art, to break down what works and why, and I love to see the "aha!" moment when students have a break through. As well, I have learned that if I hear myself repeat something too often, that it's my subconscious telling me what I need to hear for myself! Consequently, I have recently had my own "Aha!" moment in the work I have been struggling with for my Goulburn Regional Gallery show. I am very excited about it, and it seems to bring together my realist/abstract bent, my love of paint and it's processes, and the obsession with lines and movement that had been taking over of late. It's still landscape, and still in it's infancy, so there won't be any pics until I am confident of the quality- (stay tuned).

Better still, my students tell me they have learnt more with me in a few weeks than they learnt in a couple of years of community based courses (aren't they nice? See, that's why I love them). I teach to students needs, so at any one class, there may be people working on different elements of painting. I also structure classes to provide core remedial work, and engaging projects which include still life and landscape (and possibly figure work in the future).

So... if you're in the market for some tutoring in art, join the class - I'd love to see you!

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  1. Oh boy! I sooo need remedial work ;) I bet you're a good teacher, Gab...it doesn't surprise me one bit.



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