Friday, November 26, 2010

On Painting - Part Six

Image: Ken Kewley,
Figures on Rocks, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches

From an interview with Ken Kewley on Painting Perceptions website

Using paint does not make one a painter. Paint can do so much more. The life of a painter is a life of exploring.

With the same brush work from dark to lighter, putting in darks while your brush is loaded with that value. Rinse only when you need to go quickly from one extreme to another.

Three elements in the right relationship get much closer to feeling real and often are enough to carry the whole. Do as little as possible.

Emphasize one thing over another. It is saying; “This is want I want you to look at”.

Paint with color-shapes. One color-shape followed by another. Reacting without rejecting. Paint instinctively. If not looking at nature then having looked at nature. Do not fall in love with any part. Always think of the whole. Stopping at the thought of stopping.

Overlapping is a large tool. Overlapping colors hold down other colors. They become steps into and out of space. Little and big steps. Controlling multiple planes.

The same lessons need to be learnt over and over.

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