Monday, November 1, 2010

On Colour Part Three

Ken Kewley Certosa Painting 12 x 12 inches Oil on panel 2010
From and interview with
Ken Kewley on the Painting Perceptions website continued.

Instinctively adjusting color for your own entertainment. (excitement) -done by adding, taking away or moving to new locations. Making a color stronger by removing a color elsewhere. Making colors do more adds excitement. Remove lazy (less useful) colors.

To go lighter use a color of a lighter value all the way to a little white to go darker use a color of a darker value all the way to black….Think of colors becoming stained. Light colors are easier stained than dark colors. Red wine on a white or any light colored shirt. Yellow with be altered more dramatically than a phtho green or blue.

Look at great paintings. Look for primary colors, colors that can be easily named, i.e. green, orange, etc. Usually they are not found. Most colors are without names. Most colors are adjusted and fine tuned. Colors found by a need to compose the whole. Each color playing a role. Color changes depending on size of the form and its neighbors.

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