Monday, November 15, 2010

On Painting Part Three

Image: Ken Kewley, Thursday Night Painting no 9, 2002-3, Guache on Paper, 8x10in

From an interview with Ken Kewley on Painting Perceptions website

When painting the model, treat each part (do not name the parts) as something separate and then compose the parts into a whole -into a composition. Use as few shapes as possible, do not think human. You are making a painting. Keep the foreignness of the parts, this into the whole. I love the human figure, I do not negate it. But I trust that this love will come through in the process through my love of painting.

Painting over previous works promotes the desire to cover quickly what is underneath. The old peeking through will not distract if the new is strong enough to carry the viewer’s attention. What would distract is covered up and what is useful can remain. You are unconsciously saving what is useful.

The painter needs to take possession of the subject. Painting is building something out of abstract material.

It is better when things have to be figured out each time. Getting lost is not dangerous in painting.

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