Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disovery of the week-ish: Zhu Jinshi

Image: Zhu Jinshi, Work no.1, 2008; Oil on Canvas, 120 x 110cm

Zhu Jinshi, The Distant Reaches Are Chaotic

Image: The distant reaches are Chaotic, Oil on Canvas 2007

Image: Zhu Jinshi, Woman Hero, 2007,Oil on Canvas

OK. So since his work's been seen at art auctions, I guess he's no discovery to the rest of the world. But I've never seen his work before, and I'm hoping one or two of you haven't, either. So here's a couple of paintings.
I like the excessive paint application, the colour and combination of form and line. It's like a beefed up Cy Twombly from the Autumn Series. Obviously about paint but so much in a landscape vein.
The title link leads only to the artnet site listing artworks for sale. It was difficult finding his gallery, as the named galleries don't list him as a represented artist. MMMMM! Sounds familiar...an artist who's this good and no obvious representation....... or getting the run around from his/her gallery.

Let me know if you know his gallery or like his work.


  1. Well these are pretty, pretty, pretty! Deft paint handling of course too with unified surfaces that don't jar. Makes it look so easy. They beg to be seen in person though. Those tiny Jpegs are just too inadequate....grrr. Sometimes I feel that blogging about painting is a useless exercise. What's the point if we can't get up and touch them! I see Ann Thompson and Joan Mitchell a bit (in the middle blue one) but yes, Cy Twombly comes to mind - good call.

  2. i liked them enough to google his name and find more online, but i agree I want to see the paint in person, I want to be hanging out with you two talking about paint in person, that would be even better!



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