Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New drawings

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Glide" 2010 Charcoal and Shellac on paper 70 x 100cm

I've been enjoying the rigour of standing at the easel, hardboard mounted in upright position, breath held, arm at uncomfortable position, trying to draw from some photographs I have been taking whilst travelling to and from smaller, regional cities in this wide brown land, conducting the business of necessary evil involved in being an artist.
Who am I kidding??? It's been hell! And a total change from my usual freer, "expressionistic" bent. The discipline is killing me, but I hope it's somehow informing my work even if it's not exactly improving my character. Don't like the process of drawing, but happy to have done the drawing.

But seriously, I'm just trusting my instincts that this is necessary at the moment, and that all this observation will improve my work. Besides, it means I don't have to fork out the money to but the paint needed to replenish my stocks of oil paint and canvas, greatly depleted after a year working on large paintings. The Universe works in mysterious ways...

What do you do when you don't feel like painting or the material stocks are low? How do you spend down time creatively?


  1. Hi Gabrielle
    Love your work and posts
    Have you read The Artist Way by Julia Camoren
    that will keep you focused.
    I Know the Feeling

  2. I tend to destroy and recreate - rip it up, paint over, scratch, fling....it doesn't always work but it feels good. I really like your drawing- dramatic and moody. It doesn't look as though you agonised over it's creation.

  3. I have been seeing your work - I can't get it out of my mind. It's so good, it's tempting me to change and return to my abstract way again. I'm jealous of the quality and the process, but more than that, I suddenly see the way through the dilemma I was having last year after my Sydney show (when all seemed washed up and laboured)- before this last body of work. Do you think anyone will notice that I changed then returned??? Just kidding, I will continue on the path before me...I Think

  4. Thanks David. I have read "The Artist's way" - AND "The Artist's Way at Work". It was years ago, and I worked at those morning sessions diligently. It got me into Art School, and has stayed around with me for a long time. Perhaps this is a timely reminder to revisit the book... Thanks for the compliments and I am glad you enjoy the work.

  5. I love this quote by Georgia O' Keefe: "To create one's own world takes courage." When I get stuck and all those demon voices start crawling in saying blah blah blah I think of it a lot. It helps.

  6. ps....but your works are still abstract. Always have been. No?



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