Friday, March 19, 2010

Gab's Open Gallery, Part 5:Meandering Lines

Images: Ildiko Kovacs, "Shine" and "Acacia" both Oil on Board, and "Pink Haze" Oil on card.

I admit I have not always liked
Ildiko Kovacs work -it seemed too simple. That was until I actually studied art and realised how difficult "simple" was.

This new show at Martin Browne Fine Art is a glory of colour and intoxicating, meandering line, part design and all painterly. There are layers on layers of paint, not obvious to the casual observer - licks of primary and tertiary colour squeeze from under wads of oil applied, in some instances, by the common tray-attached, wall type roller. This gives these works a fuzzy edged, subtly paint spattered effect, offset beautifully by carefully and lustrously hand- painted strips as, for example, in "Pink Haze".
"Shine", "Acacia" and "Dalaa" had me spending so much time in front of them that I wandered back to my car in a slight daze, quickly jolted back to reality by the parking ticket under the windscreen wipers. I meant to be only 10 minutes, and Potts Point on a Saturday afternoon is impossible to park legally, even if you have a "parking fairy", as I have. So go any time other than Saturday, and reap the benefits.
On till March 28th


  1. Nice post. Wish I had time to see this show. TIME where does it go?!

  2. Ooh I do like this work Gabrielle. It has shifted somewhat since I saw her show about 5 years ago at the same gallery.
    Lush and stunning color and yes..i could put one of these in a room and spend ages gazing and drifting.
    When am i ever going to get to Sydney and met up with you and Inga?
    Sing out of you come north!

  3. Thanks Inga and Sophie -nice to know you are still out there! Would love to meet up some time - as Inga says, where does all the time go? Have a good week



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