Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gab's Open Gallery Part 6: A brave new world

Images: "Give and Take"Acrylic and Gesso on Board ; and "I Sense Your Presence", Acrylic and Collage on Board - both 30 x 30cm; and "Talismans" Acrylic on Paper

Inga Dalrymple, aka
Undercover Painter has been born again - as a real, exhibiting artist. Braving coming out from under that cover and testing the waters with her first exhibition at Harris Courtin Gallery she has been delighted to find that the gallery loved her works so much that they made her a feature artist for this month, despite being committed to group shows for the forseeable future. The public, and this artist in particular, was also delighted and the paintings have all but sold out.
There is a beautiful sense of touch and depth of colour knowledge in these Acrylic and collage works, mostly on board. The mark making is varied and "felt", the paint expertly applied with each stroke -at this small scale- a considered marvel. I'm enamoured with edges, as my students know, and the way one colour butts up against another, seemingly fresh whilst not a hair out of place, was enough to make me cry "foul play" come a first timer could paint so well??
A lovely, jewel-like painterly show set amongst the plethora of pseudo pop art, image-driven works of most other first timers.But then again, read this lady's blog and you'll see she knows what she's talking about.
On till the end of the month.

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