Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gallery Galloping-Part 2

"Atelier: The National Art School Studio in Paris" Charles Hewitt Gallery (till March 8th)

Images: Deborah Marks, Unspoken Moment, Oil on Canvas, Shona Trescott" Paris grey Scale" Oil and sealer on Metro Bus tickets

This is a collection of work either made during a residency at the NAS Studio In the Cite Des arts International in Paris, or subsequent work by artists who have been granted a residency there. Most of those granted the residency are teaching at the institution, or were the top graduating student. It's a great combination of studio skills (esp Debra Marks "Unspoken Moment" and "Reflective Moment") and original thinking (Genevieve Carroll "Boredom of the vertical") which develops from NAS, along with work which struggles to deal with the sheer volume of visual stimuli assaulting the first time traveller to this wonderful city (Shona Trescott, "Grey Scale - Paris"). There are the notebooks of occupants, rather like a travel diary, as well as drawings in an artist's book, which are the visual evidence of the artist's way of thinking (Pollyxenia Joannou). A well curated and interesting group exhibition and small insight into the variety of devices which stimulate the artist's mind in the city of light.

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