Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gallery Galloping, Part 4: Bird on a wire

Images: White Kangaroos; Daddy Dingo and Pups; Marsupial Mouse; all acrylic on Canvas and dated 2009

I was totally captivated by the Art Almanac ad for Trevor Turbo Brown at
Rex Livingston's gallery on Flinders Street, featuring "Untitled": the painting of a spectacle wearing toucan-ish, kookaburra striped bird with what looked like Red Indian war feathers gripped in its crossed claws. Well, you'd expect a bird like that to be totally fence sitting, wouldn't you? And so it was, but I wasn't, so I made my way across Taylor Square to be greeted at the door by David's VERY large, barking Weimaraner.

Despite the welcome, I was delighted to see these paintings of strange, possibly Australian but always mischievous animals, so much so that I forgot I was looking at paintings of animals (not my favourite genre) and walked from one to the other with a smile stretched broadly across my face. I loved White Kangaroos; Sea Eagle ; Daddy Dingo and Pups; and Marsupial Mouse (all dated 2009). All of Brown's paintings are as playful in their execution as they are in subject matter, even if the naive style takes some getting used to. The pure gusto with which the paint is applied, the directness of line and garish use of colour channel an uninhibited childhood, where you said precisely what you thought, in the way you wanted to, and then moved on to the next mud pie.

On till 28th March.

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