Monday, July 27, 2009

Artists Support Team

Just realised that my entry for Mosman Prize needs to be delivered today (Monday). Although I am usually on to these things, due to a visit to the Hunter, the arrangements leading up to it and studio commitments last week -I forgot to arrange a courier to deliver it (OK… the more I let myself be an artist full time, the flakier I seem to be getting!). So I will need to strap it on to the top of my car…

Which brings me to the point of my blog…

Had I not had a completely supportive partner, I’d be in trouble right now. My usual courier has already picked up in the area of my studio and can’t fit me in; I tried an alternative courier who wasn’t answering his phone; and I can’t load the painting (large) onto my car – myself ( I need two sets of hands for that, and a better knowledge than mine of how to tie it safely onto the roof.) So he’s going to stop his work and help me do it at his lunch break. And my gratitude to him got me thinking…

I want to now publicly thank those ”artists’ supporters” who cheer us on in the good times, and listen to us complain about how hard it is in the bad; who understand our need to have an artistic expression and outlet in order to fully realise who we are and who we can be; who provide financial support (often by NOT asking how the sales are going or questioning our Credit cards after a trip to the art suppliers); those who buy our art not because it goes with the furniture but because they love it; and most of all, those who just believe in us.

I know I couldn’t do it in a professional capacity on my own…frankly, it’s too hard and my ego is not so sturdy as to believe in myself ALL the time. I would always do something creative - paint for sure, but the difference between a private hobby and giving my painting full energy –giving my dream life a go – is the support of those around me. How lucky am I?

A Sincere thank you to all the supporters I have had in my Artist’s life, especially my partner; and to all of you out there who support the artist(s) in your life.

How important are supporters in your life? Can you survive without them? What constitutes the greatest support to your artistic practice? Post your comments here.

Image: Tree- Plateau” 2009, Oil on Canvas; 152 x 122cm (Probable entrant Mosman Art Prize)

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  1. Ooh I love this painting Gabrielle!
    I'd love to see this and view it in the flesh!



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