Friday, July 24, 2009

How to Beat the GFC Sales Blues -Part Two

Here’s some more ideas to help sales in these lean times.

Offer payment terms

Offering layby terms which suit the client’s budget but still sets a final purchase date is a great way to get someone who loves your work to buy it. Just make sure you don’t give the work to the client until it is fully paid for, unless you are able to secure access to their bank account on a regular basis; and the date should be no longer than 6 months away (they lose interest).

You should also specify that, in return for the layby agreement and removing the item from availability for sale, the client agrees (and signs) that no refunds will be given in the event of default. This usually ensures the client completes the sale and you have no problems collecting the money owed to you.

The client hardly notices the payments, and you can regularly contact them as an advisor/friend, with updates of new work, information, exhibitions etc reinforcing the value of the sale, and your professional standing, so that hopefully they become an advocate for your work.

Show how good it looks

Offer to bring the painting to the client to see if she/he likes it in the proposed space.

Offer free delivery

Make sure you check out what this will cost, if you can’t do it yourself.

Offer to host a party

You could make a day of the delivery and offer to host an art party, where you explain the artwork and techniques you used, to the client and any of her friends, over tea and cakes – and you bring the wine!

Celebrate Good Taste

Offer a bottle of nice, mid ranged sparkling white chardonnay (or other choice) with the purchase of the painting - to celebrate their good taste! (especially if you have an arrangement with a wine supplier for your exhibitions etc)

Image: Gabrielle Jones Mid Day Walk, 2009; Oil on Ply; 120 x 90cm

Have you any other tips to value add to your paintings, rather than just discount for a sale? Post your comment here.

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