Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ken Unsworth at Cockatoo Island

Went to see this exhibition which is a tribute by the sculptor to his late wife of over half a century, Elisabeth, a woman who was an accomplished pianist in her own right. Cockatoo Island is a fantastic setting for art and my friend, artist Ros Atkins and I, managed to score the one sunny(ish) day in the deluge that is Sydney this last week, so we were very happy attending this exhibition, indeed.
There are moments of incredible beauty here and I love the way the artist has managed the transitions from one room to another - a peak through a doorway to a coloured room, produces a rather surreal vision which excites expectations and adds to the whole experience. The Piano Room and the instruments room are stand outs, with others being a little predictable (the bed and video installation). I also think that more thought could have been given to the permanency of the formal room (where a banquet was held for invited guests at the memorial) so that those not lucky enough to score an invitation could have a better experience of the event, rather than viewing videos recording on the night (perhaps a hologram?). However, Mr Unsworth did sell an expensive car to afford this wonderful tribute, so who am I to quibble? Thank you for the experience, and I urge you all to get on a ferry and see it while it lasts -extended for another month through July
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