Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jan Riske's method - Intensely Dutch AGNSW

I had an email from Robert Ypes, a Dutch artist who thought I was being disrespectful to Jan Riske's painting prowess in my previous blog regarding the Intensely Dutch Show, still running at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He thought I was dismissive of a great artist's process when I said that it had been squeezed from the tube on to the canvas. I think anything goes in an artist's process, so I do not consider it a slur if someone does squeeze paint out of a tube directly onto canvas. It still takes a great knowledge of paint, drying time, patience etc and use of the wrist to create effects such as those apparent in (and wrongly attributed to) the Riske painting.
For the record, according to Ypes, Riske lays the oil paint on with a sturdy brush (such as pig's hair), and then paints over it when it's dry,time and time again. It is a long painstaking process that few artists can do or have the patience to do. And that's why it was so intiguing to the visitors to the show on the night I went - a small crowd surrounded the work.
Go seethe work for yourself - and thanks to Robert for informing me of the process.
Note: The painting above is by Jan Riske "Shifting Facade" and is similar to, but not the actual one in the intensely Dutch exhibition.
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