Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inspiring Quotes: Knowing I am not alone

I have collected some quotes which closely relate to what it is that I am doing instinctively - the why and the how and the where.

"It was always a kind of escape to make these paintings in the studio, because what was outside the door was so different, really. The work became a different world...that was the excitement in a way-trying to find this other place in my studio, in my head". Peter Doig, British Painter, painting landscapes in urban London.

"Distance is required to enable a relationship...between found and recollected image and imaginitively transformed image.....the search for a distance to approach a subject that would otherwise be too close...Equally, the slippage between what is real, remembered or imagined creates fertile territory for the artist". Judith Nesbitt, A Suitable Distance, (about Peter Doig)

I try to eliminate other influences also for example and just focus on my way of working. We all start out with influences but the idea is to discover yourself, and find one’s own expression and in doing so it becomes a process of elimination to some extent, not obliterating the influences but discovering your own voice...Looking at the big yellow sculpture in the park there (Rock Forms Synthesis), it appears to be derived from the landscape and yet it is its own hybrid thing. It has all the sculptural elements implying the landscape without it being representational. Paul Selwood, Sculptor

[Art] is about the act of painting. Sometimes it is hard to see what you are doing while you are doing it. While you are involved in the process... it tends to be more subjective, active and subjective, but of course when you get some distance from it, you tend to be more objective, not absolutely, but more objective and reflective. Sometimes you feel like you are seeing it in a new way, so there is always the possibility of seeing something afresh. John Peart, Painter

There is no easy road to authenticity. It is a matter of slogging away in the studio, producing and reworking ideas until that sublime epiphany arrives.

Harvey Shields, Serious

Sound Familiar? Do you relate to these quotes? Post your comments here

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