Saturday, August 15, 2009

More quotes on the artistic Process

“(Jasper Johns) uses paint as an active kind of layering. He moulds it. Glues things on, and uses templates until the paint begins to have a concreteness, which reminds me of Cezanne”. Elizabeth Murray

“The notion of not having to get to a destination makes everything a possible destination” Robert Rauschenberg

“..I draw out the shapes as quickly as I can to keep myself off balance. I try to think about them as little as possible and let them come from unconscious places…It’s a way of tricking myself into trying to do or see something not so predictable…I get anxious to discover a new way to paint, which brings back the pleasure. …I play around (with paint) as long as I can stand it…it’s a process of trying to be unconscious and very deliberate at the same time…”. Elizabeth Murray

“If you have no certainty about how something is going to develop, then you go through the whole process of witnessing its development”. Robert Rauschenberg

“One should accept all givens, and move on from there” John Cage

“I like the idea of a thing to describe a feeling.” Damien Hirst

“(Paint) is this physical thing, yet you use it as a transforming agent…..The paint really makes the image. The paint discovers the image.” Elizabeth Murray

“I find it, then I go looking for what it is.” Picasso (on his choice of subjects and shifts of style)

“If you take something that no-one looks at and you displace it successfully, then people will look at it as thought it’s theirs and beautiful” Robert Rauschenberg

Do you relate to these quotes? What is your artistic process? Post your comments here

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Hill End" 2008, 110 x 83cm Oil on Canvas

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