Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Quotes - What is art?

“Art is the highest form of hope” Gerhard Richter

“I don’t see art as cohesive, but as a process of continued re-working, re-staging, re-enacting in both past and present.” Susan Norrie

“I did think then, that unless I really could draw like a Leonardo, I wasn’t a real artist- a childish thing…” Larry Rivers (even after selection for inclusion in Talent 50 exhibit at Kootz Gallery, NY, Rivers’ worries and crises of confidence did not abate)

“To me, art is always contemporary. It’s not a thing that is periodically over and done with. It has nothing whatever to do with time” Gerhard Richter

“A good painting to me denounces its own ties so that you are unable to remember it correctly. Thus it generates other images” Luc Tuymans

“One should be able to devour a painting with the eyes’ Picasso

“There is nothing original – all you can do is make an authentic forgery.” Luc Tuymans

Image: Gabrielle Jones "Heath" 2008, Oil on Canvas, 110 x 83

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