Monday, August 10, 2009

Teaching Oil Class-Synchronicity!

I was just asked to present the Northbridge Art Prize to the 2009 winners later this year, as I was a winner in 2005. Judy, the owner of the Northbridge School of Visual Art has kept contact with me (I am ashamed to say that I have been a bit lax) and I was flattered to be asked and so, of course, accepted. (FYI Entries close soon and presentation will be on Friday Sept 18 – I’m not a judge!)

As well as having a bit of a catch up about what has been happening, I asked if she needed any teachers at her school – and low and behold, she had just asked another teacher who couldn’t take the oil painting class and was anxious to find another teacher.

I, on the other hand, had just decided last week that teaching would be a good idea to buffer the financial concerns, to get in front of interested art lovers, and to exercise a bit of knowledge sharing. I had even just completed a “teaching” CV and approached a couple of TAFEs. And so I am happy to say I have a job (one day a week) from next Tuesday week!

As for "teaching" I have also found that articulating your thoughts about art (like in this blog!) makes you aware of what you are doing, where problems might arise, what solutions exist (sometimes allowing a break-through with your own work) as well as why you are doing it. And the positive and creative energy of inquiring students can also be a wonderful tonic for one’s art practice. That’s why a number of artists, who don’t need to teach (such as Euan McLeod, Lindy Lee and Aida Tomescu) still do it.

So… a couple of things came from this exchange (and I’m going to get all “new agey” here)…

Articulate what you want, take positive action towards it and see what happens;

Ask and you shall receive – but ask not only the Universe, but people who may be able to help you!

In giving of your knowledge, you receive a lot back, so always be generous with your knowledge or experiences as you can also learn from others when they share theirs.

Do you believe in synchronicity? Share your experiences here.

Image: Gabrielle Jones, "Coastal" 2008 110 x 83cm Oil on Canvas

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