Saturday, August 8, 2009

Websites for career help and marketing

As I have a solo show coming up in November (3rd to 15th, Danks St, waterloo Sydney –you’re all invited!) I have been investigating websites that allow for marketing or listing your exhibition. I am surprised how many there are, and I thought that I would share them with you -good karma! May be I’ll sell some more work…..) You’ll need to pay for this one (the price has dropped and the site will be upgraded to make it more user friendly soon). Benefits are that you can upload a lot of work, descriptions, bio prices etc in one place, which you can link to your own website and the price includes an announcement of your exhibition, before and during the show on the email newlstter front page. There are a lot of subscribers here, hopefully of the art buying type, but I’d like this confirmed with some stats (a friend of mine has done quite well from here). The owners advertise widely for additions to the list in AGNSW Society mag “Look”, SMH Spectrum etc, most of whom are attracted by the chance of winning $1000 painting every month. Newsletter is sent out every 2 weeks.

This eponymous site allows you to sign up as a business. But you can also sign up personally and upload pics (wasn’t allowed in business last time I checked). You canalso send your friends an invitation and have it displayed on their site, so their friends can see it and may become interested in your work UK Site – but worth the link to your website and looking at the pics of other people’s work. Also try for the same reason, and and (Site for artists and exhibitions in New York) for looking at what this centre for the arts has happening. You can make your work into cards or T shirts and impress your friends, be a walking advertisement for your work. However, too many amateur artists and not sure if anyone is buying. Artists site where you can display work for free For the serious collector or fellow artists. Who knows, your work may come to the editor’s attention and you get it reviewed (here’s hoping). -NAVA and Australian Business Arts Foundation with support by Fed Govt have joined to help artists with career decisions and marketing. A wealth of relevant information for artists in Australia (and much info applies to artists anywhere)

A community website where artists can have one free page which shows five

images, a brief biography and contact details a great chat forum on what is happening in art in Australia, but also a section called “look at me” where you can upload announcements re your exhibition; upload works in progress, and even have other artists critique your work.

A database of living Australian artists which allows artists to upload 10 images, artist statement and contact details. The service is free to registered users. You can search the website by name, artform or location, or just browse through the artist gallery by using the search function.

A portal for multiple art forms including visual arts, performance, music and literature. Artists can purchase a standard or professional portf olio, allowing between 5 – 10 images and one page for text.

Share your comments about these sites here, or let us know of any other worthwhile sites for artists.

Image: Highland 2008 (SOLD) Oil on Canvas 110 x 83cm

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