Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Quotes - On Process

“Art is a way of thinking things out differently” Gerhard Richter

“I like the process of images and information filtering through your body – which stimulates reaction to create marks which collectively make some sense.” Jenny Saville.

“The object is so important to me that I take a great deal of trouble over my choice of subjects. It is so important, that I paint it.” Gerhard Richter

”For me it’s about the flesh, and trying to make the paint behave in a way that flesh behaves. Using its material quality which ranges from a stain to something thick and juicy to something quite dry….Because I take so long to make work, I like to layer the paint like a network: paint on top of paint. It’s almost as if the painting has had a life of its own by the time it’s finished. Its lived a life. I have a dialogue with it…sometimes it dictates to you what it wants to do, and sometimes you’re dictating to it. It’s a real relationship. When the painting starts to suggest its own direction, that’s when the process is the most stimulating….I want the feeling that you don’t only command the piece of work, the piece of work commands you.” Jenny Saville

“You always project your own physicality upon the image” Luc Tuymans

“…my paintings, whose immediate cause is my inner state, my happiness, my pain, in all possible forms and intensities, until that cause no longer exists.” Gerhard Richter

“Part of the job is to work, as far as possible, for joy.” Bridget Riley

Image: Gabrielle Jones "Reflection" 2008 Oil on Canvas 122 x 152cm

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