Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ursula Kolbe, Charles Hewitt till Sept 15

"When I remember you, Beloved Tango" is a lovely, poetic exhibition by this artist, working consistently and quietly as she does from her 1+2 studios at Rozelle without being "on the Scene" (at least as far as I know). I was going to see the still life show there and delighted in the discovery of this one upstairs.
This show remembers, yearns for, delights in the dance of the title, which is now forbidden to the artist who has lost a toe to Melanoma. Whilst some paintings pull you in with their colours and reward you with their embedded text and their titles (for example, "Song of a City I've Known in a Dream" and Dancing with Eyes Closed I-VIII"), it is the surprising sculpture which I enjoyed the most. Shoes in states of decapitation (toes or heels only) take flight ("El Tango Diablo") or dance or plummet on beautifully painted or wire bound pedestals made by the artist, which serve to explain the emotion or thoughts of the artist at the time she was making them. I loved "El Tango" -the juxtaposition of the large, game fish style four pronged hook placed gently above two black toes of dancing shoes, which lifting in movement said it all to me.
Hurry - only on for a few more days in the upstairs gallery.
Images: Ursula Kolbe "Mi Noche Triste IV" and "El Tango Diablo"

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