Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Professional Practice -Part One

I was recently interviewed by a University of Wollongong Student regarding my professional Practice. So I thought I would post the answers over the next few blogs. Here's Part One

Do you see web tools such as a blog or website as integral to developing your artistic career?

A website is a must for any artist in this day and age. I use it to refer acquaintances (ie people I just met, interested in art or what I do etc. I give them my Business card, with website address, which is also essential); other artists (which helps them know you are serious - if they like your work you can show together, they might refer you to someone that matters etc); Students (a good artist is known by the fact that a younger generation is influenced by their work) and as a repository/personal record of my shows etc - ie how my work has changed, my growth. Galleries are sometimes referred to the website, however many prefer a printed portfolio or photos first.

I have only just started the blog -not sure if it is integral to my career. About one follower per month adds themselves (which means they think what I have to say is worthwhile). More people drop in and out - I get emails from Denmark, US and acquaintances tell me (unsolicited) they read it from time to time. I use it to store the writings I have collected over the years in one place, to record my thoughts and seek feedback on works in progress (mostly no-one comments, though). I also enjoy writing, so this is an outlet. I hope it helps to draw people to my website (the more links the better - I have now linked it to Facebook), and gets my name out there; and I want to show that I am a serious artist by of the content of my website (sometimes, painters are not seen as up-to date/serious in this concept driven artworld, and it is often difficult to show the breadth of your work, let alone your intellectual ruminations, otherwise).

I'd love to know what other artists and my readers think-Post your comments here.

Image: Gabrielle Jones

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