Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 2 & 3 in the Gallery

Well , it was cooler in the gallery today (day 2) and there were a few more people who visited. Now I know I really would rather be painting!
Anyway, I changed the hang of the work with the help of two visiting artist friends. The first didn't like my "Totems" or sculpture, but loved the paintings and felt they needed to have more primacy. He particularly liked a few pieces and recommended they be alone on the wall. (It's expensive space, and my hanger felt we needed to put as many middle sized paintings on the wall as possible, because they were more likely to sell, while maintaining a circumspect few feet of space between them).
In the end, I have the same number of paintings on the wall, but the main piece is sitting on a wall with only a small, complimentary piece next to it, rather like an installation. I separated my totems and moved them through the gallery space - they now are better seen individualy, and link the elements of the exhibition better. The sculptures "talk" to the paintings. This was achieved with the help of the other artist friend.
I also changed another piece and hung it with an original choice, and these two now compliment each other.
Which all goes to show that:
1. Each space requires specific attention regarding the hang of the work. What you think goes together in the studio, may not go together in the gallery.
2. You can "Get by with a little help from your friends" (and not without at least one honest, visually aware, independent reviewer!)
3. An exhibition needs to be hung on one day, and reviewed on the next. (I got to the point where I couldn't see the paintings - I was just too tired).
4. Disparate elements in an exhibition (and, in my opinion, you need them to give a spark to the work - otherwise, same old, same old and why buy one when there are so many pieces the same?) must be placed throughout the gallery to provide some continuity and to cement the "flow of the show".
5. White walls sell paintings (yet to be confirmed!)
What do you think of the new hang?
BTW I am persisting with the price list at the rear of the gallery - interaction with people, even if they are "tyre kickers" is definitely preferable to dying of boredom. This might change for opening night!

Day 3 - There were about 5 people who came into the gallery complex today. I went to by coffee to find that the cafe was full, as was the one across the road, and there were people milling around the street, looking at the homewares shops. So I guess they don't like art? It just goes to show that art and painting is important to those of us who are involved in the industry, but not to the general public. Perhaps we should show in a cafe?
Anyway, the highlight was engaging with an artist from France who spent time in Tahiti (where I had a residency) and it was nice to reminisce. (Most visitors to the gallery, by the way, have been artists).I was invited to opening drinks of the other depot gallery, which is being hired by a very reputable gallery from Hobart, so it was interesting to talk to the Director about the state of the art as he sees it and to see avery good show by his exhibiting artits, Anika Kapoor.
I then had to hot foot it over to my studios, where there was an open day for the public - met more people - again, mostly artists- but had good feedback on my work. Absolutely exhausted, and need to back up to the Gallery today, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for my own opening tonight. Why do we do this again??


  1. ...because you have to! Is my answer to that last question. I like the rationale of the new hang. Sounds like you have it covered.

  2.'s because I have to! I am moving some pieces again today - is it boredome???



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