Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gallery Sitting -Tues, Wednesday and Thursday Week 2

Ok - So I have been slack in not keeping up these posts. I'd like to say it's because the sales have been coming thick and fast, but that's not it -though I have been busy. Most of my art buddies and sundry other friends have made the time to come catch up with me and my work these last few days, so I have been having a rather full, chatty and social time. I thank them all for their support of, and appreciation of my work - I feel loved and valued.
There has been "hold" dots coming and going all over the place - usually for the same pieces. And these are pieces I don't consider my best works, even if my partner does, the moral in that story is I will take his advice when hanging a show for sale, but use my own instincts (almost universally agreed to by my artist friends) when entering competitions or deciding what work to pursue.
One other thing has helped as well. I had been down about the lack of sales, and how to fit the work back in my studio, the costs how to make an income (you know the drill) and I am sure I was not very nice to live with.
Then I realised that I have made this decision to practice art seriously with both my eyes open. I'm old enough not to be naive and have worked in other industries successfully. Why be an artist? Initially, it was because I love it, unreservedly. Now, I can't NOT do it. So...if I'm going to do it anyway, then I may as well enjoy it, and stop making it a rod for my own back, and that of those closest to me. When I decided I wasn't going to bitch about it anymore, to accept the inevitable ups and downs and that I was where I wanted to be, I felt an immediate sense of relief and change of mood. I recommend it to you!
By the way, afterwards, I got a call from someone who I subsequently showed some studio works to, who looks like they might buy a few pieces. And last night, a group from the Art Gallery of NSW came in to the complex...and they stayed mostly in my Gallery. I awoke to an email from one of that group inquiring about some works, wanting to reserve a piece today. Yet to convert, but I can sell one at a time -baby steps (as a good friend of mine says).
Stay tuned.
Image: Gabrielle Jones, Tree Line Triptych 2009 Oil on Canvas 90 x 60cm each

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