Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 5 Gallery-Saturday

(Note: I am publishing two day s together - the internet cable began smoking so I have been without communications!)

The opening night went really well, despite it being a Friday night – too well, and I am paying for it today (It’s only because I didn’t eat enough and my head was spinning all night, re-living the conversations, so I didn’t sleep well enough, really it was!) There were about 50 people here and half of those retired to the café with me afterwards, and I had a ball!

A number of guests have promised to return this weekend and make a decision – should I have somehow given them a sense of urgency to buy now? I learnt a little from musing about this so was ready for the next person who was undecided. One of the people I had identified as a buyer during the week, returned with her husband and chose three possible paintings for her newly renovated house. I asked her whether she wanted to put them on hold, and she did – so I put those paintings (which had been displayed in the storage area) into the main gallery with half stickers on them as soon as I possibly could! If others see this, will they, too, part with their money?

Another man (also identified as more serious during the week) returned to buy a small painting that had been popular with the “undecided” lot at the gallery opening. He told me he wanted to start the “avalanche of red dots” and thought I deserved to sell out. Very sweet and much appreciated!

In general, the feedback has been very complimentary. One lady even told me I’d be famous one day! (I ‘d like to be able to afford to live until then, but the comment was gracefully accepted even so). I try to ask any people who stay long enough with the work which of them is their favourite. Almost every item in the gallery has been nominated by someone, which attests to the quality control I tried to maintain when painting the pictures and editing for the hang…so that part seems to have worked.

Again, a little light questioning of those coming into the gallery reveals that most are artists. Also had another artist come to the gallery because of the ad in Art Almanac – does this publication only appeal to artists? Both buyers have come into the complex because they know it is here and there is likely to be something they like amongst the nine galleries who are here – so the strategy of being amongst galleries in a self hire space is accurate.

I was considering closing early today, as I have a wedding to attend, but there is a last minute rush closer to 5pm so I am staying open. I need a coffee to stay awake!

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