Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 4 Gallery

It’s been a bit busier today (how could it not?) but most visitors have been artists. One older lady was quite knowledgable in aboriginal art, having begun collecting twenty years ago. She likened my work to that of Kudditji, Emily Kingwarrye’s brother (and even corrected my pronounciation – the “d’s” are pronounced like “b’s”). It’s not the first time, and I take it as a compliment.

Another man has a number of Belinda Fox’s works on paper and he likened my drawing to one of hers. He prefers the totems and loves the abstract paintings, and had decided to come into the gallery because he’d had an awful day and needed to fill his brain with something beautiful or interesting. I loved that! He thanked me for making his day – how nice is that? Maybe that’s why we paint.

Two artists were having their “art day” – had been to see the Sculpture by the Sea, the Dobell Drawing prize, and made a special trip to see my work. They commented that they looked through the Art Almanac, and said my work was the only thing that interested them. Again, glad the advertising worked.

At least most of the people who looked today spent time really interacting with the work, which has buoyed my confidence up. (It’s a day-to-day thing, and probably one of the hardest tasks sitting here all the time, sometimes watching our work be disregarded before even really looked at. An artist friend, who visited today, remarked that you really needed to spend time with the work. I consider art is present when time with the work means it continues to engage, rather than become wallpaper, so I am happy with that comment, too.
I am now preparing, mentally and physically, for the opening night – I hope it goes well. A few red dots would be helpful, leading into the weekend. Fingers Crossed!

Image: Tree Line VII installed next to Tree Still LIfe -with breathing space and a red dot!

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