Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 6 Gallery-Sunday

Well I’ll admit it. I am disappointed and very over this gallery sitting thing.

It’s Sunday, and people wander in like it’s a mall, have a five minute look, point a painting out to their friends (if I'm lucky) and wander out again –almost quicker than I can notice, get up and hand them some information. It’s FREE Sunday entertainment, I think. (I know, I’m supposed to remain positive and think about all those people suddenly becoming aware of my work and remembering my name for the next time they, or their friends, are after something to put on their walls. But then I remember that they can hardly remember their work colleague’s names or people they have been introduced to five minutes earlier – and then I get depressed).

Where are all those people on opening night who promised to return on Sunday to decide which painting they wanted?

And where are the galleries I invited to view the work? Let alone the gallery I have just begun exhibiting with – aren’t they supposed to be interested enough in my work for shows in the future?

I’m confused (not an uncommon state, of late).

So I think I should leave it at that and spend some time thinking nice thoughts and getting my mojo back – and wasting some more time until it’s time to knock off.

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Night Shadows 09 Oil on Canvas 100x100cm (Something suitably dark for my mood!)

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