Sunday, June 7, 2009

30x40Exhibition United Galleries Palmer St Sydney

Attended this exhibition on opening night Thurs 4th June. I was impressed with the display and variety of the work, tho I was disappointed that one of my paintings, which sold before opening night, was then displayed in the storeroom of the gallery (not enough room when pics are placed side by side around the main gallery). This seems a silly reason to "hide" a painting that, not only compliments the remaining painting that is hung up, would help to brand the exhibition as successful and high quality (my work wasn't the only one sold and "hidden"). Surely there is enough room behind reception, anywhere in the main gallery, to hang good quality work. Also since part of the reason for participation is to show your work and get your name out there, putting a painting where it is difficult to see negates one of the reasons for exhibiting. What do you think? What would you do?

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  1. I would be upset as well.Some galleries are just in it for the $$$.I think the show was of a reasonable standard and well put together but unfortunately there is always a commercial undercurrent that overshadows the art.When an artist presents work in a series it should be seen in that context and the gallery should be aware of that.Annoying as well that a sold work is out the back. Sounds like you are really workig hard on your art and profile.This blog site is definately the way to go.websites are so much work and outdate really quickly but good as an online portfolio.[ I need in house tech support!!] Keep up the good work .BTW,I love your trees.
    Susan Baird



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