Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspiring quotes - how to make art

Image: Gabrielle Jones, Tree-Still Life 2009 Oil/Cnvas 152x122

The second in my series of Inspiring quote.s

“One has intention, but what really happens comes about in working –that’s the reason it’s so hard to talk about…In working, you are really following this cloud sensation in yourself, but you don’t know what it really is. And it’s called instinct. And one’s instinct, whether right or wrong, fixes on certain things that have happened in applying paint to canvas…” Francis Bacon (British)

“Drawing, making marks, layering, describing surfaces, allowing what is underneath to emerge: this is how I work” Judy Watson (Australian)

“In Genesis, it is said that in the beginning was the void and God acted upon it. For an artist, that is clear enough…one is utterly lost in space forever. You can float in it, fly in it, suspend in it and today, it seems, to tremble in it may be the best…the only meaning that man can give himself is through the free project that he launches out of his own nothingness” Willem de Kooning (Dutch/USA)

“Virtually all artists spend some of their time producing work no-one much cares about… The artist’s life is frustrating not because the passage is slow, but because she imagined it to be fast” ” David Bayles, Ted Orland (Authors, “Art & Fear”)

“I learned to respect what it is to live with that level of creative and artistic uncertainty. It was great being around artists. I saw, for the most part, they’d survived pretty well through that devotion to the unknown” Kiki Smth (USA)

… I only discover these things in retrospect. In the moment that I’m working, I don’t really know, I really don’t. I just try to let myself be, to do my work. That’s the most important thing…”: Jim Hodges (USA)

What inspiring quotes on making art do you have? Do you agree with these artists? Comment here


  1. It's so great to find your blog complete with really beautiful paintings. I can relate to everything I read here. I'm a fellow Sydney painter with a passion for paint. Looking forward to more reading more about your experienecs.

  2. oops sorry...badly typed..morning rush hour ;) I'm off to rescue the burnt toast......

  3. Thanks - it's noce to know someone is reading. Let me know if there are any topics you would like to discuss



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